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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jenna's Treasure Beans

A few weeks ago, a fellow mommy in deadbabyland posted a blog about the Web site The lady who runs the site, Casey Doiron, is from Ontario, and she lost her daughter, Aurora, at 38 weeks gestation. Since then, she has been creating treasure beans for families who have lost a baby through pregnancy loss or stillbirth.

She decorates pebbles, taking ideas from the families of those who have lost their babies. After the stones are decorated she takes their pictures, sometimes at the beach and in other places, too. After the photo shoot, the pebbles are placed in the treasure garden with other stones that have been decorated for babies. You can bring your stone home or leave it with the others. I think I am going to leave my there with the others. I kind of like the idea of Jenna's Treasure Bean keeping company with the beans of her angel friends.

I asked Casey to use dragonflies since that is how we remember Jenna. I also asked her to use the color purple. We were going to decorate her room in different shades of purple. Casey didn't disappoint me. I think she did an excellent job with the stones. If you are a deadbabymomma, please visit her Web site and have her do a tribute to your angel.

Here are some pictures of the stone.





Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Mother, I appreciate a former newspaper woman dropping by! Hope to see you again!

Really nice photos by the way! :)

beingzaraandzidan said...

wow nice blog. I am glad i found u
I am def gonna be back for more
Do visit me if u get a chance

meretrisha said...

hello Mrs. Mother! it's my privilege to be here. i love the stone that mommy decorated for your daughter. i believe she's in a better place. thanks for the visit to my blog and following you as well..