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Friday, December 4, 2009


A few weeks ago, a high school friend of mine posted pictures of her sister's wedding on Facebook. In fact, it was her twin that had gotten married, and I had known both girls since kindergarten. They also had an older sister. One of the pictures was of the three women together, and it caused my heart to skip a minute.

I have three girls, not just two. I wish all three of them were here to grow up together. I wish people could say things about the three Belinc girls, not just the two of them.

Another thing that brings this vividly to mind is the show "Full House." If anyone remembers it, it was about a widower, his brother-in-law, and friend raising three girls. Tessa and I watch it every day. There is a scene in the intro of the oldest brushing the middle one's hair, the middle one brushing the youngest's hair and the youngest brushing a doll's hair. Every time I see that, I think that should be my three girls.

I know I should be thankful Ella is here, happy and healthy, and I am. I am so grateful for her, but I can't help but wish I had my second daughter here with us and that she was healthy and happy, too.

Even though my family is now complete, there will always be a piece missing, and I know that on all the major events, when Tessa and Ella graduate, their weddings, the births of their children, I will look at the pictures of those days and wish another girl was there with us -- our Jenna.