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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 3 of Sleep Training -- It was a disaster

A friend and fellow blogger asked me if I had read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby, and I haven't. I do have a copy of the No Cry Sleep Solution around here somewhere, but I bought it way too late to apply with Tessa. It did have good ideas in it, but it was more for babies than toddlers, which was what Tessa was when I bought it.

I am not going to go into the boring details, but the night was much the same as the one before it but add in a blowout diaper right after she woke up at 4 a.m., which turned out to be when she was awake for the day. Cleaning up poop at that time of the morning is never fun, but her smiling at me made it a little better.

However, tonight, she took her last bottle and fell asleep. I laid her in her crib, and she promptly woke up. Tessa gave Ella one of her music boxes, and I wound it up. She didn't go right to sleep. In fact, it took an hour, me going into her room two or three times, her getting her leg caught in the railing and Tessa yelling out, "It's Ok, Ella," every time she fussed, but she finally feel asleep without me rocking or holding her. Now, let's just see if it lasts.

And, I wanted to add, I think this is harder on Tessa than me. She is pitiful when Ella starts to fuss. I am not letting her cry. When she starts the full-on crying, I go into her, but if she is just fussing and whining, I leave her alone. Tessa gets antsy hearing her even fuss, which reminds me of how I was with her when she was a baby. This is child we were all worried would be so jealous of her sister she wouldn't want anything to do with her, and now, she is over-protective. That makes me so happy.

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