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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Fan"-tastic Fridays

I am starting a new feature on this blog. Every Friday, I am going to do a review of a product, a book, a television show or a movie that I absolutely love and share with you why I do. I would love to hear what some of your "fan"-tastic favorites are, too.

I love for my laundry to spell good and feel soft, especially Ella's clothing. I always have to be worried about what I use to wash our clothes because Brian and Tessa both have sensitive skin. Years ago, we went with All Free and Clear detergent, which works great, but our clothes have no smell at all when they are clean.

I was afraid I would never be able to find a fabric softener that wouldn't bother their skin, but it seems I can pretty much use anything without it bothering them. I have tried out various scents to find my favorite, but none compare to the Ultra Downy Spring & Renewal Fabric Softener with Febreze. I buy the 30 fluid ounce bottle, which is good for 35 loads. I use it in the Downy Ball, throw it into the washing machine and forget all about it. When my laundry is finished, it smells wonderful and doesn't bother Brian and Tessa's skin at all.
I highly recommend it. My only problem is I can't find it at the store where I usually shop. I have to go to the Dollar General, but it is cheaper there than I could get it elsewhere, so I guess it's just a winning situation anyway. I recommend this product for those who like their clothes to smell wonderful and be soft all at the same time.


Chantele said...

Following you via Fawk You Friday! :)

Mama Hen said...

Thank you for the review! I love a good smelling laundry detergent! I use very mild stuff with my daughter. She has very sensitive skin. This sounds good. I have not tried it yet! I hope you have a great Friday!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

Downy is the only thing I use. I love it, it really does leave you clothes so fresh smelling...and of course Tide detergent is the perfect mix.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Twitter is so much fun, you should try it!