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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a clarification

In my last post, I said that Down Syndrome is a fatal pre-natal diagnosis. Someone rightfully pointed out to me that it isn't necessarily fatal.

I totally agree with that poster. However, Down Syndrome people can have heart disorders, which are fatal. Many of these disorders require a heart transplant, and most doctors (and the transplant teams) will not give a heart to a Down Syndrome person. That's a shame in my opinion, because Down Syndrome people are loving, capable and just as deserving of medical care as anyone else.

So, even though it is not necessarily fatal, it can be, and honestly, even those who decide to end a Down Syndrome pregnancy without a fatal disorder should not be made to feel alone and helpless and without options.

I just want to help people and keep them from having those feelings.

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Violet said...

Thank you, I so appreciate this, and your openness to my statement. I just didn't want to come across judgemental (which has happened). And you right, regardless of what a parent is dealing with and why they make the decisions they make reguarding their pregnancy, they should not have to be alone. I hope you do get to offer comfort to women who feel alone.