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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fertile Cervical Mucus

Before I was on Metformin, the only time I had egg white cervical mucus was when I was taking Robitussin to thin it out or when I took Clomid.

I'm on cycle day 10 today, and I've been getting high readings on my fertility monitor. Tonight, when I went to the bathroom, I had EWCM. I was so shocked.

One of the other reasons I was so surprised was that it's early in my cycle. I usually don't ovulate until later due to the PCOS. Even though TTC sex is usually boring, Brian's going to be very happy for the next few days. If I do get pregnant this cycle, we will be having a late July, early August baby. The best thing is that I might get to be a stay at home mom with this baby, especially if I can get my freelance career going.

Wish us luck this cycle. I'm hoping not to wait too long. Brian wants us to be finished before he turns 40, and I don't want there to be too much more of an age difference between Tessa and the new baby. As it is, there will be six years, which is an awful lot.

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Never forgetting Gregory said...

Good luck! That is exciting news. I hope you have a successful month and we get to celebrate in a couple weeks! That's exciting that you will get to be a SAHM. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.