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Monday, November 3, 2008


Brenna's mom tagged me so now I have to list seven weird things about myself.

1. I had a half-sister that was three weeks younger than me. We had the same dad but different moms. We were even born in the same hospital, delivered by the same doctor and even the same nurses working that night. She was killed in a car wreck when we were 16.

2. I don't produce ear wax. Seriously. I started having chronic ear infections several years ago, and when my family doctor couldn't get them to clear up, I had to go to an ear, nose and throat specialist. He said he didn't know if my ears were so damaged from the chronic ear infections that I had stopped making wax or if it was something that had always been that way.

3. I don't remember not being able to read. I can remember reading the Little House on the Prairie books when I was in kindergarten. My older cousins would come home from school and teach me to read, so I was reading by the time I was three. I still love to do it.

4. I love Harry Potter. Seriously, I worship JK Rowling, and I wish I was half as talented as she is. I've read all of the books at least six times, have all of them but the last one in paperwork, and am working on getting them all in hardback. We have all the movies. I'm raising Tessa to love it, too.

5. I don't really like chocolate. Every once in a while, I will get a craving for it, but mostly I could do without it. I much prefer sour or fruity candy.

6. I'm a bleeding heart liberal. LOL. I know not everyone would think that is weird, but where I live, it is.

7. I wrote my first novel before I was 20. It wasn't any good, and I no longer have a copy of it.

Ok, I tag Jessica (Georgia's Mom), Holli (Cameron's Mom), Beth (Ada's Mom) and Liz.

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Brenna's Mom said...

I don't like chocolate either!