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Sunday, November 2, 2008

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo is held held every November. Last year, I had planned to participate, and even started on a novel called "Ghostly Secrets," when my granny became ill. I didn't have time after that to participate, so "Ghostly Secrets" is stuck on my hard drive at 13,000 words.

I hadn't done any fiction writing since my granny died. I edited my young adult paranormal novel "Psychic Straits," but I didn't have anything original started. I wanted to go back to "Ghostly Secrets," but I don't think I can handle it right now. The main character in it loses both of her parents, and I've had enough death in my own life for a while.

I've had an idea floating around in my head since last year. It would be about a set of teenage twins. One is normal, and the other is paralyzed on one side and has a pinched and drawn face due to a birth accident. The mother keeps the handicapped girl locked in the attic, where she can see the outside world only through the window. The normal twin comes home everyday and teaches her sister how to read and keeps her connected to the outside world. Here's the first paragraph:

Momma walked over to me, turned the freakish side of my face toward her and gave it a kiss. “I'll see you tonight after work,” she said. “Remember, kids like you will someday march in God's Army.”

Do you think this would make you want to read more? I think it's pretty intriguing myself. I've written over 6,000 words. I'm proud of myself. I was afraid grief would keep me from writing again.

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