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Friday, October 31, 2008

Should I send this?

Ok everyone. I need some help. Through a friend at the newspaper where I used to work, I obtained my publisher's e-mail address. I have written him a letter, detailing my side of things. I didn't get to talk to him on Monday when I was fired, because Betty did it. Do you think I should it? Here it is and please tell me through the comments section if you think I should.

Dear Jeff,

I realize your first inclination will be to delete this e-mail, but after nine years of loyal service to Lakeway Publishers, I believe I have earned the right for you to show me the respect to read and reply to this e-mail.

The first issue I have to address is the resume you found in my queue at work. It was not there because I was applying for other jobs at work. I had it stored there because I wanted a back-up copy. The reason I had an updated resume was not because I wanted to leave The Tullahoma News, but because I was applying for freelancing positions to earn a little extra money. I didn't want to leave The Tullahoma News. It has been my home for the last nine years, and I loved what I do.

I have given you and the company nine years of loyalty. Three people under you have told me they will give me good recommendations or write letters for me if needed. I have come into work when I was extremely ill. I hardly ever missed a publication day. I have placed each year in the TPA contest, when many others there have not. I am so dedicated to the newspaper that when my stillborn daughter was born, I called that night to check to see if everything went the way it was supposed to and to see if Justin needed any help.

This leads me to my last point. You informed Betty that it seemed like I had lost interest in the last few months. I suppose to a point that I have, but I never let that loss of interest negatively affect my work. I'm not sure if you are aware of what I have gone through. In April, I found out I was pregnant. In July, I found out the baby was a girl and that she was very, very sick. I left early the day we received the diagnosis and came back to work the very next day. I thought we would be able to end our pregnancy in Tennessee but was not able to do so. We had to travel to Atlanta, where we were told we couldn't have the procedure done due to a mix-up at the clinic. We came back home. I took two days off for that trip, one to travel to Atlanta and one to explore what our options now were. I came back to work right away, and two days later, in spite of all the pain and turmoil I was going through, I worked until 11:30 p.m., on election night. I call that dedication to a company.

In August, we found out she had died. I held her lifeless body and had to look down at a child I knew would never laugh, run, play or even cry, a baby that was doomed before she ever even had a chance. I only took two weeks after she was born. I was going to take longer, but Betty called and asked me to come back because they had no one to do "Over 50." I came back, my heart heavy, grieving over the loss of my child. That was two months ago. I doubt I will ever completely get over it, but two months is nothing when it comes to the death of a child. I would have expected a little compassion from you, but I did not receive it.

I really hope you never have to go through what I did. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but if you ever do, I hope no one punishes you for a natural "loss of interest" afterward. I do not want my job back. I don't believe I could work for you again. I just hope that this letter will give you a heads up and show you the mistakes of your actions. Maybe it will also allow you to have more compassion when dealing with your employees.


Missing Her said...

I think it's well written, and to the point. I would send it, not just for him but for yourself. I think you will feel better after you send it.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie... all I can say is "Go for It"!

KaraY said...

Send it! He needs to know that he ignored the needs of his employees. I'd send it to him & his boss. Are you going to add something about how you hope his wife can fill your work shoes? :) Good luck! Let us know if he responds.

Mackenzie Alexander said...

I think you should send it, if you haven't already. I believe it's something he needs to hear.