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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remembering Our Babies -- Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day


Today, all over the world, parents are coming together to remember their sweet lost babies, some to early miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth or SIDS.

I thought I would be very sad today, remembering all of these babies who have passed on. While I am sad, I also have to stop and take a moment to thank a higher power for allowing me to have Jenna for a little while.

I'm going to take a moment to remember her. She was stubborn, just like her sister, momma, nana and great-granny. Every time we went to the doctor (except for once), her little heart was beating solidly away. Even with just a little brain matter, she held on for a long time. Her most active time was in the morning. I would have my one caffeinated drink a day, and she would start moving around. I miss those kicks so much.

Other bloggers who have lost children are praying for the people who have lost children. Even though I don't really believe in a Christian God anymore, I do believe prayer can be a good thing, with all kinds of positive energy and thoughts floating around. Instead of doing a prayer for those who have lost babies, I want you to post a story of remembrance in the comments. Please share your name, your baby's name, what happened and a little bit of what you remember about them. If you haven't lost a child, you can tell me about a friend or loved one who has. Please feel free to post anonymously if you wish.

I'll start:

My name is Tamara, and I lost my baby girl, Jenna Grace, to Trisomy 18 at 21 weeks. She was stubborn and loved to move around in the morning. If she had lived, she would have looked just like her big sister. She is always in my heart.
Who's next?


Mrs. Mother said...

I also want to remember my granny's two lost babies. Ronnie was the first, and he died when he was three months old due to a hole in his heart. Granny always worried about the babies in our family having heart defects. The second was a baby girl that was stillborn at 7 months pregnant. She found out two months before that the baby had died, but they didn't induce her labor. She had to carry the baby for two months, knowing she had died. If the baby had lived, her name would have been Nancy Elizabeth.

Beth said...

I lost Ada Elizabeth 13 weeks ago from today. I was 24 weeks pregnant and she just stopped kicking - apparently she wasn't getting enough oxygen. I remember that the first time we had a big ultrasound, she was stubborn and wouldn't let us see that she was a girl! She also loved it when her daddy talked to her and would always kick when she heard his voice. She was beautiful.

Hollie said...

I lost Cameron 11wks ago this Thursday. He was such a fighter! I will always remember that about him! He fought so hard to stay with us as long as possible, and in turn, I fought harder than I even though possible.
I will never forget the last 3 weeks I had with my little man. It was major one-on-one time for mommy and son. I will cherish those moments forever! Just lying there singing to him and watching my belly move around.

He was so beautiful and peaceful.

I love you sweet pea!!!

Erica said...

I lost my beautiful angel Teagan Rose 12 weeks ago tomorrow. She had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, but fought hard for the hour that she lived. I would like to say that I will never forget how she looked as she was "presented" to me after the c-section, sadly I had lost a lot of blood and was out of it. I now only remember her sweet face in the 4 brilliant pictures her daddy was able to take in the brief moments before she was taken to surgery. I will, however, NEVER forget the joy that she brought to my life in the 7 1/2 months that I carried her. I never knew I could love someone or miss someone so much.

Liz said...

My name is Liz and I lost my little girl Janell to multiple causes at 31 weeks. I think about her every day and miss her more than I can tell you. She was beautiful and tiny. I can tell she would have been gentle and intelligent. There's a hole in my heart where she should be.

The Adventures of Jing & Ying said...

I lost my beautiful daughter Chloe on February 21, 2003. My water broke unexpectedly when I was 23 weeks pregnant (three days after I registered for my shower).

Not a day goes by that I don't miss my sweet angel. I am now mother to two more daughters (from adoption) but wish my Chloe could be here with us.


jenfnolf said...

I lost my Lily Angeline 10 weeks ago due to a placenta abruption. I was 22 w 3 d along in the pregnancy. She was a beautiful baby, and I cry for all the things that I will never get to share with her. She was dearly fought for, from trying to get pregnant to all the pain that I endured when the abruption started to begin. I miss her every second of everyday. I know that I will see her again in heaven, but I really wish she were here with me.

Violet said...

My Name is Violet. We lost my baby brother at 16 weeks due to a twisted chord. My Mom also lost 2 other babies early on of unknown causes.

My good friend R. lost to baby girl due to miscarriages caused my fibroid tumors. One at 5ths gestation, baby Olivia, and one at 7mths gestation, baby Victoria.

youngkj7 said...

My mom lost 3 babies. One was a miscarriage at 3 months that she had to carry for 2 more months b/c they did not induce her. Her firstborn baby girl, Carol Lynn, was born 2 weeks late with severe neural tube defects (anacephaly & hydrocephaly). She was not allowed to even see her child until they bought a hat to cover her. Carol Lynn lived for nearly 3 months.

My mom's 4th child, Kevin, was stillborn. It was a complete shock at the time of his birth.

My cousin lost her beautiful baby girl, Jenna Rochelle, to an infection 3 days after birth.

Autumn'sCreek said...

thinking of you & your sweet jenna today tamara.

The Payne Family said...

I lost Richard at 19 weeks, we don't know why he passed, he had passed at least two weeks before I had him. he was beautiful and perfect in every way, we love and miss him every day.

Jessica said...

I lost my beautiful daughter Georgia Louise on August 11th at 31.5 weeks to Triploidy. We miss her terribly. October 15th was also my due date. I miss my baby girl terribly. Tamara, I wanted to tell you that I was thinking about you and Jenna as well. Thank you so much for always thinking of me :)

andra said...

Today I remember 4 babies I have lost. My first pg in 2006 ended at 11 wks with my set of twins (unknown cause), my 2nd pg in 2007 ended @ 9 wks (unknown cause). My 3rd pg ended @ 19 wks, when my water broke on Labor day of this year and when I went to the hospital they said my baby had my no amniotic fluid left, his lungs would never develop...only option was to deliver him. I delivered my son, Nicholas on 9-3-08, he was a perfect tiny baby, he was so handsome, I miss him dearly everyday, he has given me courage I never knew I had.
"The pain never completely goes away and... then I remember that if the pain ever went away so would the love that I have for them"