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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not pregnant

I knew I probably wouldn't be, but I found out Thursday that I wasn't pregnant when I started my period. I was planning to take my temp that cycle but stopped after two days because I forgot about it. I guess that just goes to show that I wasn't ready that soon.

But, I've taken my temps the past three days and set the "M" button on my fertility monitor. I'm taking my Metformin and started a new cycle at I'm ready to go.

A new baby won't take Jenna's place. No one could do that. But, our family is not complete yet, and my arms still just feel so empty. I'm hoping a new baby will help with that.

I'm doubtful we will get pregnant this cycle since I'm not taking Clomid and have never had a pregnancy without it. But, maybe since I'm taking my Metformin it will happen.


Beth said...

It's ironic that I read this post just now, because I just took a pregnancy test about 20 minutes ago and it was negative. :( Perhaps it's a little early to test (my period should have started today or maybe tomorrow), but based on my temps and having to pee all the time I REALLY thought I was pregnant. I know I still might be, but I'm trying to accept the reality that I might not be.

Good luck this month! I'll be thinking about you.

Em said...

((hugs)) I hope you get a Thanksgiving surprise next month. I know another baby will never fill the void that Jenna left, but it will be wonderful on its own.

Hollie said...

I'm sorry you got a negative!

But, it looks as if you're prepared and ready to go next month! I'll be hoping and praying for you!

You and everyone else knows that you could never replace Jenna! I 100% understand the feeling of emptiness you feel, and the need to fill it up. I think we'll always, always have a tiny bit of emptiness that will always linger, but another baby will definitely help some.

Anonymous said...

Awww... sorry to hear about the negative test. I know it will happen when the time is right. I also know first hand that it doesn't make the waiting any easier. I am back to temping but we are not trying yet. Here's to charting! Hugs sweetie!