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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little good news

This morning, I was trying to figure out what to do because I was bored. I'm not used to be home all day without Tessa here, and I've had a job since I was 16. This is just so weird to me. The phone rang, and it was Tabitha, the editor of The Moore County News. She wants me to freelance for her.

Now, I had a terrible experience in Moore County when I was editor there, but this is fabulous news. I can get some clips, add her to my resume and not officially have to work there. She's going to pay me $25 a story, which isn't great, but it's not bad either.

I've been applying for other freelance gigs, too. I hope to hear back from some of them. Between what I'll make if I land some of the other jobs, the Moore County gig and unemployment, I may actually make more than I did at the newspaper.

Tabitha did tell me that she hates what he did to me, how unfair she thinks it is, and how talented of a writer she thinks I am. That made me feel very good.

I turned down a job today, too. It was at the civic center in Tullahoma, as director there, but it also included budget work and other stuff I just didn't want to do. It didn't pay anymore than the paper did and no insurance. So, I told Shirley I couldn't take it, but I am going to volunteer and be the publicity chair for her. I have also decided to volunteer with the Trisomy 18 Foundation. They were wonderful to me when we found out Jenna had it, and I want to pay it back. And, if I can help a family going through what we did this summer, I'll be happy.


Hollie said...

That's wonderful!! I'm so glad today was a better day for you!

Beth said...

That is good news! Maybe you will enjoy freelancing more than your old job.

Jami said...

Just my 2 cents...from a total've got nothing to lose...I would absolutely send it. Its very well written and he clearly has no idea what was going on, though I wonder if he did if his reaction would have been the same. Can you teach someone how to be compassionate??