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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our trip to Dave and Busters

We had so much fun Saturday night. We kind of got a late start, and honestly, the day before, I wasn't expecting to be able to go due to a family thing we had going on. It ended a little early, so we were able to celebrate.

Honestly, the food wasn't all that great, but it was good enough and the service was wonderful. After we ate, we played the games. Luck was really on our side that night, as we won over 5,000 tickets. I played this "Spin to Win" game and hit the jackpot twice on it. I also played Wheel of Fortune and got 500 and 300, the highest amounts you can get, many, many times.

We got things for Tessa with the tickets. They had a Tinkerbelle lamp that is just her head and arms. The head lights up. I know she will love it. We also got her a huge stuffed cat and dog that looks like our dog Rosie, a few things to put in her stocking and a Care Bear. Brian got a Pilsner glass that has the Dave and Buster's logo on it, and I got a pen with the logo on it, too.

It was nice to have fun and just be silly for a while.

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