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Saturday, July 5, 2008

So bummed

Twice a year a huge consignment sale is held by two local women. People from all over the area bring their gently used baby items to sell, and the prices are never that bad.

I'm all about buying things used. The only two things I don't want to buy used are a car seat and a baby bed, but the rest of the equipment and definitely clothes I love to get at a bargain.

With Tessa, I was able to stock up on all kinds of cute baby clothes at the sale in February, which is for spring and summer clothes. The one in July is for fall and winter clothes. I also bought our pack and play at it. I knew I was having a girl so it was easy.

We haven't even made the appointment yet to do our big ultrasound, but I won't be 20 weeks until the first part of August. So, I won't know what this baby is when the big consignment sale is held. I know it sounds silly but I'm very disappointed.

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