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Monday, April 28, 2008

The name game

My grandmother died in December, and since then, I have thought I would name a new baby after her. Of course, no one likes her name: Alethea Pauline. I kind of like Alethea and call her Allie, if it's a girl, but my DH says we have to put his family in there somewhere. So, I would be stuck naming her Sarah Alethea, after his mother. No way, no how. No matter how much I love the name Sarah, I'm not going to name my child after my crazy mother-in-law. It just ain't gonna happen.

So, "T" wants to name the baby Zee if it's a girl. I think she got that off Noggin, because the bird on there is named "Zee." I've also thought about naming her after Granny's mother, Nancy Elizabeth. Granny loved her momma better than anything and missed her every day since she died over 65 years ago. She always described her momma as a saint, sort of how I feel about Granny. So, Nancy Elizabeth might be the perfect solution.

Now, a boy's name is a little easier. I still would like to name a boy after granny. "T" wants to name a boy Joe, and it so happens that I like the name Joe. So does DH. So, we've pretty much decided on Joseph Paul. The Paul would be for Pauline. "T" likes Joseph, too. She said, "That's a good name, but we'll call him Joe."

When we were pregnant with her, we didn't have a name for her until I was seven months pregnant. We were able to come up with a boy's name right away, but a girl's name was a lot tougher. Sort of like this time.

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