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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Help me out a little

Do you see that ad in the corner of my blog? More than likely it says something about pregnancy or morning sickness or something to do with pregnancy or motherhood, which is the focus on my blog.

That ad is there due to Google AdSense. I have signed up with them so I can earn money by blogging. The way I make money is for my readers to click on the ad.

I'm hoping to develop a strong and large followers and readers of this blog. I want my regular readers to click on the ad anytime the come to read or get updates on this pregnancy. By doing that, I'll be earning money, and you'll get to see what is going on with the pregnancy.

If you just stumble across the page and like what you read, click on the ad. I'd really appreciate it, and you don't have to do anything else except click on it. But, if you do want to purchase something from the ad, you'd be coming out ahead to, in that you would have a product you never knew you wanted.

So, please, just click on that little ad in the corner. I would forever be grateful to you for it.

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