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Saturday, May 23, 2009

To have the amnio or not?

Since our nuchal fold and PPAP-A test results came back so good, I have been trying to decide what I want to do about the amnio.

On the one hand, the peace of mind it would give me would mean so much. I know I could sleep easier if I knew 100 percent that the baby didn't have a chromosomal disorder. It would not take away all my worries because after nine months in deadbabyland, I know what can happen. But, it would take away my fear of the same thing happening again.

I also know how safe it is. My doctor said his risks are one in 1,600. That's extremely low, but the risk is still there. I would hate myself if I decided to have the amnio and something went wrong. That is the whole problem right there with having it at all.

What I think I have decided is to do the AFP test at 16 weeks, along with an ultrasound. If the AFP comes back as good as the nuchal did and the ultrasound shows no markers, I will wait until the big ultrasound at 20 weeks to make a decision about it. Most babies with one of the disorders will show soft markers on the ultrasound. If any of these ultrasounds show a soft marker, I will definitely have it done.

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Mirna said...

I think your decision to do the AFP test at 16 weeks along with an ultrasound is a good idea. Like you say if it comes back good you can then wait until 20 weeks. Go from there dear. Take it one step at a time and don't (try not to) stress about anything. :)