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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never has negative sounded so good

I waited until 2 p.m., today to call the maternal fetal medical specialist. I don't know how I waited that long at all, but I did.

The receptionist checked my results and came back and said the test came back negative. Usually, negative just sounds so, well, negative. A negative on a pregnancy test is a bad thing for people like me who have trouble conceiving. I can think of other areas where negative is a terrible thing, a negative checking account, a negative return, etc.

But, I was so relieved to hear it that I didn't even think to ask for my numbers. Luckily, the specialist sent my results to Dr. McGowen, and her nurse called me. I love her nurse.

Anyway, I asked her for my numbers, and she looked on the report. She said they hadn't put down the numbers, just that it was much lower than the norm for my age group. She said the specialist said my numbers were absurdedly low. I'm just in shock.

Now, I have to decide if I want to do an amnio. Even though I know how low risk they are now, I know I would feel terrible if something bad were to happen. I guess I can do the AFP test and an ultrasound at 16 weeks and go from there.

Now, I feel like I can start buying. Our first step is stock up on diapers.


Beth said...

Yay!! That is really exciting! I never had anything at all until the AFP test. I'm just so glad your results are so good!

By the way, have you ever considered cloth diapers? They're not what they used to be. I plan to use BumGenius 3.0. ( They are kind of expensive, but they last from birth through potty training because they're adjustable. All of the reviews I've read are excellent. You just have to do laundry every other day or so, and there are so many benefits. I just had to throw that out there. :) A whole supply (24 diapers) is just over $400, but that's about how much you would spend on disposables for 10 months...and then you have to spend that much again for the NEXT 10 months! Plus, you can register for these at Target and people might buy them for you.

Jessica said...

Congrats! That is fantastic news. I did not have the nuchal testing basically because of my age. I ended up doing the AFP at a 16 week ultrasound. At the MFS appointment, I asked if she recommended an amnio. She said the AFP was negative, the ultrasound was negative, and the odds are higher of there being a demise from amnio than an abnormality. I was happy with that. I am going back to the MFS next week at 22 weeks for a second look, but this little girl is definitely growing! Yay for us!

Meg said...


Niff and Andy said...

What a sigh of relief! Congrats!

Mom to 2 boys +? said...

Yipppeeee for a negative (and an absurdly low one!) So happy for you. I hope you rested a little easier last night.

Mirna said...

Great news! I agree wait till your 16 weeks and take it from there. So happy for you! :)