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Friday, January 16, 2009

Book Idea

I have always loved books of inspirational stories, not necessarily Christian ones, but just stories of people rising above heartache and adversity to make a difference in the world. I've been thinking over the last few days that I want to write a book about parents who have lost a child to Trisomy 18 and have used that heartache to change the world.

I'm using what happened to me to make sure no other parent has to go through the awful experience of being told they can't make a choice in the care of their unborn child. I know others have helped build a public garden, held races and other fund-raisers for the foundation or built playgrounds. These are all ways the parents have made a difference in honor of their child.

It would also be a way to get the word out about Trisomy 18. I was surprised to find out hardly anyone had heard of it when Jenna was diagnosed. I even did a search on Amazon for books about it, and I hardly found anything at all. We need some books out there to help those who are going through it.

This would be a way to tie together those who carried to term and those who said goodbye early. It would be a way to prove that no decision is really the best way, except for each individual family, because the making a difference is not limited to just one of those decisions.

If you know of someone who has experienced Trisomy 18 (or if you have), please leave me a comment in the comments section about them and what they are doing. If you can direct them to this blog so they can see what I am doing. I would love to hear from those who are making a difference because of this loss so I can see if I'll be able to put together a book.

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