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Monday, June 2, 2008

We heard a heartbeat

Today was my first appointment. We barely got to sit down before they called us back. The nurse asked a ton of questions (I really had forgotten about that part of it) about my medical history and genetics. My blood pressure was good, and I hadn't gained any weight, which seems weird as my clothes are feeling really tight.

So, my doctor comes in. I met her when I was pregnant with Tessa, but we rotated meeting the doctors in the practice, so I think it was one time. I was so afraid I wouldn't like her as well as I did Dr. La Roche, but I did. She's really nice.

We discussed my issues with depression, and she said it would be safer to wait until the next trimester for me to go go on anti-depressants again. I'm going to wait, but this constant irritability and weepiness is really getting to me. She said that none of them are without risks, but Prozac and Zoloft have lower risks. I've taken Zoloft before, and it has helped. I go back July 7, and we'll see then about going back on it.

We also talked about twins. She said we definitely needed to do an ultrasound to see if I'm having multiples. She said Clomid raises the risk about 10 percent, but since B and I both have them on both sides of the family, it's even higher. Great. But, to be honest, I'm getting used to the idea, and might even be a little disappointed if I'm not.

We also discussed being induced. She said with me having pre-eclampsia with T, I have a greater risk of having it with the new baby, so I could be induced. But, she won't due it until 39 weeks. I'm fine with that, but 39 weeks exactly is B's birthday, his 39th. Me having the baby on his birthday would make a nice present for him. She said I might come naturally before then, and if I do, at like 38 weeks, I would be great with that, since I'm due Christmas Eve and don't want to spend Christmas in the hospital.

So, then she did the dreaded pelvic exam. I'm serious. I hate them. You can't tell me anyone enjoys scooting their butt down to the edge of the exam table, putting their feet in the stirrups and letting the doctor do her job. But, it was over quickly, and then, she went on to find the heartbeat.

When she first started, she said she might not be able to find it. She started on one side, but the only heartbeat she found was mine. She went over to the other side and eventually found it. It was very fast, but not very loud at first. Then, she moved the Doppler a little lower and it was very loud. I think I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

So, I couldn't get my ultrasound today. They couldn't fit me in, nor could the ultrasound people who have an office up above Dr. McGowen's office. So, I'm going tomorrow. I can't wait to see this little baby. Hearing the heartbeat helped to make it real, but the ultrasound will seal the deal for me.

Oh, and B was so cute. He gets nervous going to the doctor, and he was talking about a mile a minute to this doctor. We're going to have to explain to her that he gets diarrhea of the mouth when he gets nervous.

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