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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More on the name game

I've mentioned before that it took "B" and I forever to decide on a name for "T." I think I was about eight months pregnant before she had one, and my mom had started calling her Matilda.Ugh.

So, I'm starting early with this baby discussing names. We don't even know the gender yet, but we are making a list of names.


Molly Elisabeth
Melanie Elisabeth
Nancy Elisabeth
Julia Grace
Juliana Grace

William Paul
Harrison Paul
Maxwell Paul
Samuel Paul

The girls' names wouldn't really have any nicknames for them, but the boys would be Will, Harry, Max or Sam. I'm particularly fond of Harry for a boy (don't laugh; it's because of how much I love the Harry Potter books and JK Rowling) and Molly Elisabeth for a girl. Don't tell anyone but Molly also came from the Harry Potter books. That's the name of Ron's mother. It just so happens that I love the name.

I still would love to name the baby after my granny if it's a girl, but I've got to realize that it's not going to happen. "B" just doesn't like the name Alethea and said we would have to put one of his family names with it, which I'm not crazy about at all. I guess I'll have to settle with name Paul if it's a boy, since Granny's middle name was Pauline.

1 comment:

Corinne said...

I love all the girls names. But I'm gonna pick Nancy, cause that's my moms name.
For the boys I love William.