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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I hate the fact that you have to wait until you're nearly 10 weeks pregnant before you can get in to the OB/GYN. I'm having to wait even longer because of the fact that I want to see the doctor on Mondays (B's day off) and Memorial Day Weekend.

So now the worries set in. What if I've had a miscarriage and I just don't know it. Or what if these side cramps mean it's ectopic, and I don't know it? What if it is twins, and I won't find out for a long time?

It helps that I'm still having pregnancy symptoms, but it makes me worry that I haven't really had any nausea. If I don't eat regularly (like every two hours), I get twinges of nausea, but nothing at all like I had with Tessa. Seriously, by seven weeks, I was sick all day, every day. The two biggest symptoms are sore boobs and exhaustion.

I'm thinking of calling and seeing if I can change my appointment to the Monday before Memorial Day. It would make me feel a lot better.

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WritingAllNight said...

I am so down with you on this. I can't get in until the 27th and have been having these weird shooting pains right where I assume my right ovary is. What if it is a tubal? You'd think that 6 pregnancies and 4 children would make you an expert. Nuh uh. Difference is I've had horrible nausea, but with my 6 year old who is autistic, it was as bad as this, so that is scary, too. Big hugs and good thoughts coming your way...