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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from Clomid this cycle, and I also decided not to temp this cycle. Of course, I've gotten so used to grabbing the thermometer when I first open my eyes that it's hard not to do it, but I'm trying.

I'm still using my fertility monitor, because I have a three hour window in which I can pee on the stick and insert it into the machine to get a reading. I just can't let this cycle go without doing something, but I'm on CD 13 and still haven't gotten a high reading on my fertility monitor. I wonder if I will ovulate at all. I was hoping to have some residual Clomid in my body that would help me there.

I have been having second thoughts about giving up if we don't get pregnant next cycle. I talked to Brian about it and told him if we didn't get pregnant then, I wouldn't mind taking a break for a little while so we could take a trip to Disney this summer without me being pregnant. But, I don't want to give up completely. I want to keep trying until we get pregnant.

He wasn't as positive about it as I was, although he did agree to try for a little while longer. He doesn't want to be 50 with a two year old, and I can see where he is coming from. He will be 40 this year, and I'm going to be 32 in August. Tessa will be six in May. I know putting off trying to conceive too much longer would result in us having what would essentially be two different families, and I'm afraid Tessa and the baby wouldn't be close.

But, my arms ache to hold another baby of my own. I just don't feel like my family is complete. I want another baby even if that means trying for a while.

The bad thing is if I get pregnant next cycle, I'll be due around Jenna's due date. How ironic is that?


Niff said...

Have you considered IVF? It's not ideal and isn't guaranteed to stick, but it's worth a try perhaps.

*HUG* Have I told you that you're amazing lately? :o)

JenJen said...

Maybe you guys should give yourselves a few more cycles~ wouldn't be great if we could all get knocked up in 3 months, but alas the joys of fertility (or the lack thereof)...

Have you guys looked into IVF? I only have one fallopian tube, and that one isn't great either, so we can't do it...but, it could be just the answer for you gusy if the clomid isn't working...

Mrs. Mother said...

Thank you both. I would love to do IVF but my insurance doesn't cover it. We just can't afford it unless we hit the lottery or I sell my book or something.

Violet said...

My really good friend and mentor is 11 years younger than her sister, and her sister is her best friend, they have an AMAZING relationship. I really believe that siblings bonds are taught and cultivated by parenting. No matter when you have a baby, if you teach tessa and the new baby to value family and love each other, I'm sure they will have a very strong bond!

I really hope things go well for you and your able to get pregnant soon!