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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Recording of my speech

All the meetings of the general assembly are recorded, and the hearing I attended was no different. I was able to watch myself, and I'll say it again, I was a rock star. I can't believe how well I did. I still say I talked too fast, but besides that, I only made one slip up during the whole speech.

I can link the video here, so all of you can see it if you want. I'm sure you won't want to sit through the whole meeting, even though a lot of it was interesting. So, if you just want to see me giving my speech, scroll over to two hours, 42 minutes.

I'm proud of myself, and Rep. Armstrong's assistant is going to contact me again if they ever need me to share my story again. She said I did great. I keep thinking that not only am I helping other women who might find themselves in my situation, I'm also sharing Jenna's story, and she'll live in on with others even though she never took a breath, learned to talk, walk, etc. They are going to remember her story.


JenJen said...

You did a great job...and yes, you are a rock star :)

Beth said...

I tried to watch it but it wouldn't work. :( It said I had to download a plugin so I did, but I still can't see it. I'll try later on a different computer.