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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First appointments

I still can't believe I'm a cliche, getting pregnant on a break. We were with Tessa, too, because we got pregnant on vacation. Maybe that's a good sign things will work out this time.

I called Dr. McGowen today and talked to Amy, her nurse. They are the sweetest people ever. She told me she was going to check with Maternal-Fetal Medical Associates (the high risk doctors) to see if they wanted me to come in now or wait until 12 or 13 weeks.

She called me later and said they want to see me sooner rather than later. They told her we have many options this time, and we can do something early. I'm anxious to hear what the options are and what the risks are, but I would like to find out early on if something is wrong. Even though statistics are in our favor, I just don't trust them anymore. They were in our favor last time, too, and we still got a diagnosis of Trisomy 18.

Amy said she was going to try to get both my first appointment with Dr. McGowen and the specialists on the same day, but she couldn't. I go in on Friday for my confirmation appointment with Dr. McGowen and the next Friday to the specialists. I'm a little nervous about that. The last time I was there was the day we found out Jenna had died.

She also told me my due date is Nov. 28 but that is by my last menstrual period, and I don't have a 28-day cycle. I'm going to go with that for now.

I haven't told anyone in real life yet. I'm kind of scared to. I'm definately not telling Tessa for a while longer. I think I might wait until we get some test results. I don't know whether to wait or not.


JenJen said...

Turkey baby :)

I'm hoping to be the cliche, actually. We are going to Scotland in June, and the week we are going is supposed to be my fertile, it would be cool to tell your kid that we made you in Scotland, right?

I can't wait to hear how your appointments go, and you're in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck!

Niff said...

I think waiting for a little while is a good idea. Just don't wait too late and start making the "We're pregnant!" calls while you're in L&D pushing out your take-home baby. ;o) We're super excited for you. I told Andy that you were pregnant and he was really excited (to the point of clapping and hooting) and wanted me to tell you congratulations. :o)

Hollie said...

That's the day I got my BFP with this little girl!! :)

Anywho, I'm so glad they're getting you in so soon and being very proactive about everything! They sound like wonderful doctors!

I just know everything is going to turn out fine!!

Beth said...

Everybody is different about when to tell. With Ada, we didn't tell ANYBODY until 14 weeks - not even our mothers! This time we told everybody right away, because we felt like...well, we waited before and it didn't make any difference, so let's just share joy while we can! You have to do what's right for you and your husband though. I'm still just so excited for you! :) I hope December will be a very happy month for you THIS year with a brand new baby!

Dana said...

Hi there,
I have found your blog through Megan's page and read through your journey. I think you are so strong and when I looked at your blog today and saw that pregnancy ticker, it put a smile on my face. Even though I don't know you, your story moved me. I wish you all the best and hope for a healthy child for you guys.

BTW, I love to listen to Louis Armstrong when your page opens.