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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new pediatrician and about meds

We saw her new pediatrician today, and I loved him. He came into the room and began talking to Tessa first before he said a word to me. This really put her at ease, and she also loves him a lot. I feel like he totally listened to my concerns and didn't blow us off.

He is prescribing her Vyvanase. Has anyone had any experience with it? My neighbor took it, and she had horrible sweats with it so she moved on to Adderall. My only worry with it is how expensive it is, but if it works and helps her, I will gladly pay the price.

I also wanted to discuss her incontinence issues with him today. Any time Tessa laughs really, really hard, she pees on herself. She tells me that once she starts peeing, she can't stop herself. Brian's mom and a cousin both had an issue with the tubes going from the bladder to the kidney being too short, and my cousin has the exact same thing, too. Brian's mom actually had to have one of her kidney's removed as it had "died," as she put it.

We have to go back next Thursday to see how she is doing with the meds, and he said we would discuss the incontinence issue then. He was afraid it would be too much stress on her today, but he did want to talk about it since the problem always happens during the day and never at night. She has never had one over night accident since she potty trained.

I am very happy with this doctor and am glad my friend recommended him. I just hope we will see a good difference with the medication. When I said in my last post that I was afraid of her being a zombie on medication, I didn't mean I was totally against it. I feel medication has it's place.

I take anti-depressants. I've suffered from depression since college. It helps me, and I take it. I reason that if I had a headache, I would take something for it. Since depression is as much an illness as a headache, I will take the meds for it. I feel the same way about the medication for ADHD.


Niff and Andy said...

No input on that particular med, but I do understand how you feel about the "zombie" effects. It's a really fine line with some medications. I have a personality disorder and struggled quite heavily with in during my highschool years. The only way to control it was tons of therapy and medications. It got to the point where I couldn't be uspet at all.. as odd as that sounds. If something upset me, I would be angry for less than a minute and switch to "oh well" mode. That can be good in some situations, but not always.

I hope the medication makes a positive difference!

Ami said...

It helps so much to have a doctor you like and one who remembers who the patient is, too.

I'd caution you to do your research about any ADD/ADHD med, they do have side effects, sometimes including causing heart disease in later years.

Definitely worth researching.

Penelope said...

How old is she now? I don't have experience with a child on either, but I've heard from others that their children did well on Adderall.

Penelope said...

ps you got spammed (i get those too but i moderate so they don't get through...i'd delete those comments, it will bring down your blog's rating- each of those symbols links to something)