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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready for fall

I am so ready for fall. It's always been my favorite time of the year. I have said it before, but I always associate fall with new beginnings, mainly because of school starting back. And, this fall, I will be starting my senior semester of college. That means, I'll be graduating next May, baby. Yippee.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this and how proud I am of myself. I am planning to go back and get my masters degree, but I want to work a while first. I am looking into working for social services or a local counseling center. Social services pays more, but I'll get better experience with the counseling center.

I am so proud of myself, especially considering what I went through the last two semesters. I was pregnant during the fall semester and in October went on bed rest. Luckily, I was going online, and I was proud to bring home three As and a C. The C was in Astronomy. During the spring semester, I was adjusting to life with a newborn and a six-year-old, along with taking the hardest class of my life, statistics. I managed to make two As and two Bs.

This fall, I am taking 16 hours. My classes are Behavioral Modification, Foundations of Mental Health Counseling, Learning Theories, Research Methods and its lab, and Sociology of Families. Two of my classes are on campus, and the rest are online. I hope I don't kill myself.

I finished my financial aid stuff last night, and it said that I am eligible for a grant. It doesn't mean I will get one, but if I do, that will be great. It will mean less to pay back in loans.


Jennifer said...

I love the Fall too. Cannot wait! For me, it is the start of the holiday season.
Congratulations on your schooling, that is great, very inspiring. SO when do you find out of you get the grant?

Pam the Realtor said...

Fall is my favorite season. It usually doesn't hit here until the first part of November, but it means cooler weather finally!

Keeping the fingers crossed you get the grant! My son was offered a grant but he didn't want to go to the school that offered it, which was a bummer. My daughter has huge school loan debt now too.