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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Excited about school

I start back to school for the spring semester in less than two weeks. I'm super excited. I'm hoping to take summer classes and maybe be able to graduate next December.

I did very good this past semester. I made a C in astronomy and an A in developmental psychology, the psychology of personality and American history. I am really proud of myself and am trying not to worry too much about the C. I did pretty well on the astronomy tests, but what brought my grade down was the labs. While I was on bedrest, we had two outdoor labs, which I couldn't do. The professor dropped one of the zeroes, otherwise, I would have been in real trouble grade wise with that class.

This semester, I'm only taking classes that are directly related to my major or one of my minors. I thought about taking five classes but decided just to take four with Ella still be so little. I'll just have to take one more over the summer.

My courses this time are Introduction to Cognitive Psychology, Marriage and Family, Gender and Society and Basic Statistics for Behavioral Sciences. I'm a little worried about statistics because it involves math, but I'm sure I'll get through it. I'm super excited about the others though. I can't wait to get started.

I always loved all of the sociology classes I've taken. My first time in college, I took social psychology, sociology 101 and social problems. I made very good grades in all of those. Maybe it explains my socialistic tendencies.

I'm hoping to get straight As this time. I hate that astronomy is what kept me from it the last time.

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