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Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you believe in ghosts?

Last night, I made candied carrots for supper, and I had to call my aunt to ask her a question about one of the ingredients. This was the aunt who lived with my granny and took care of her while she was sick.

Later, after we had eaten, I talked to my mom, and she said we needed to decide where we were going to eat for our usual Friday night dinner. When we hung up, I decided to call my aunt, tell her how the carrots turned out and ask about where we could go eat. I dialed the number, and my granny's voice answered the phone. I know it was my granny's voice. I would know it anywhere. I almost dropped the phone.

I finally recovered enough to ask to speak to my aunt, and she said, "I reckon you dialed the wrong number." That's the way my granny always said it when someone called her with the wrong number. I know my granny's voice, and I know it was hers.

I hung up the phone. It gives me the option to hit redial to show what the last number I dialed was. It was my granny's number. It's been her number for 27 years, and now it's my aunt's. I turned the phone back on and hit redial again. It went right through to my aunt's line.

My aunt and mom said Granny must have wanted to talk to me. I'm wondering if she was trying to tell me something, that I'm wrong about something or have the wrong number somehow. I don't know. I know this sounds crazy, but I know it was her. She was trying to talk to me.


JenJen said...

Wow~spooky, kinda gives ya the chills!

Jessica said...

What a blessing to hear your Granny's voice!

Never forgetting Gregory said...

It does sound crazy...but I DO think things like this happen and I know my Grandma has been around for me after she passed. How cool that must have been for you to hear her voice!

Crispy said...

I think that's neat and I can totally imagine how spooked you were. She may just have wanted to say hello, wish you well, not necessarily tell you something was wrong :)