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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I quit my job today

It's been coming for a while now. I don't care for the new editor at all. He's very passive agressive, and while we get along (I can pretty much get along with anyone), I hate the way he handles assignments and he plays favorites. He's just not my type of editor. I guess no one will ever live to Bob and Betty, my first editors.

Also, one of the biggest reasons is that I don't have time to go to school full time and be a mother full time, either. I know it's going to get even harder when Ella gets here, so I knew I needed to do it. Also, my house is a huge wreck, and Brian has had to take up a lot of the slack. He doesn't really have time to do that either, as he works 12 to 14 hours a day, five days a week.

My other two reasons for doing it are that I'm only getting 16 to 19 hours a week and getting paid $8 an hour to do it and that I'm about to go to every other week for appointments. It just wasn't worth the effort to be honest. And, soon after the two week appointments come the every week, and I'm just giving my job everything it deserves.

I'm still going to be working for the newspaper, just on a freelance basis. I'll write two articles a week for them, and I'll almost what I did working there part time. So, I'm going back to being unemployed, but I know it's for the best this time.


JenJen said...

All of your reasons seem appropriate and hey, my last day at work was on Tuesday!

Radar's Mom said...

Good! What you don't need right now are reasons to stress out, so now you can just enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy and have your life as organized as possibly for the arrival of your sweet girl.

Thank you for the note about the wasp sting. I already hate wasps and now I hate them more. I'd never heard of such an allergic reaction... kind of gross!

Anyway, kick back and enjoy... they'll be plenty of time to go back to work later.