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Monday, February 22, 2010

More time

I wish I had more time in the day. My classes are really hard this semester. My marriage and family course requires at least a four page paper once a week, but last night, it wound up being 10 pages because it took that much to answer the questions sufficiently. My Gender and Society class has discussion questions due every week and a half. There are usually six or eight of them, and I have to read several different articles to find the answers. At least, they are interesting. Cognitive psychology is a little easier, but basic statistics is my most horrible class. It's basically because it's a math class.

Ella is doing wonderfully and so is Tessa. We switched Tessa to another class, and she is doing so much better with another teacher. This class also moves at a slower pace than the other one, but it will still allow her to go onto second grade when the year is over. She is doing so well in there and gets her work done every day. Instead of failing every spelling test, she's making As and Bs. Her behavior has also improved. I'm sure some of it was getting away from that teacher.

Ella is a fabulous little being. She rolled over from stomach to back the other day. She smiles and laughs and responds to us. She is so laid back. The only time she really cries is if her tummy hurts, if she's hungry or when she's in her car seat. Otherwise, she is so happy. She is also pretty much sleeping through the night. Tonight, she fell asleep about 8, and I'm sure she'll probably wake up about 3 for a bottle and then will go back to sleep until it's time to take Tessa to school. On the weekends when we don't have to get up so early, she'll sleep until 8 or so. She's a so-so napper, but I am feeling especially blessed that she sleeps so well at night. I never had that with Tessa. In fact, Tessa still isn't a good sleeper.

Here are some pics. This first one is from our photo session this weekend, but the rest are ones I took.






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